20 Nov 2007

I'm clearly not trying hard enough

Submitted by Karl Hagen
According to the Blog Readability Test, my blog has a high school reading level. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Part of me feels that I need to work harder to obfuscate my writing lest someone question my academic credentials. Of course it could just be the algorithm. I presume that this site is using something similar to the Unix style command. When I run my ten most recent items (not all of which are on the front page) through style, I get the following results: readability grades: Kincaid: 9.2 ARI: 10.4 Coleman-Liau: 10.4 Flesch Index: 63.2/100 (plain English) Fog Index: 12.1 Lix: 44.3 = school year 8 SMOG-Grading: 11.0 So based on this sort of analysis, I suppose it's a fair categorization. But readability formulas don't capture everything. Somehow, I don't think the discussion of assibilation in the last post is high school reading material. [Update: Recent posts seem to have pushed me up to the undergrad level. That suggests that the ratings are unstable, or at least my writing style is.] Link via polyglot conspiracy.