25 May 2007

Desi Superman

Submitted by Karl Hagen
My wife and I watch a reasonable number of Bollywood and Kollywood (the Tamil-language equivalent) films. As you probably know, the Indian film industry produces more films a year than anyone else, including Hollywood, over 500 films a year in the three most popular languages (Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil).

At such a production rate, there's a lot of garbage that gets churned out. Fortunately for me, Sherina is usually a pretty good judge of which movies are likely to be interesting and so I am spared a lot of the crap, although not all of it. So I'm not unfamiliar with ridiculously cheesy Bollywood song-and-dance numbers.

This one, though, takes the prize. It's from the movie Dariya Dil. It helps to know that Bollywood musical numbers often involve fantasy sequences that have nothing much to do with the plot. Check out the appallingly bad special effects. (The villain who becomes a ceiling fan is amusing too.)

I have only the most tenuous of language tie-ins here, but I did notice that the Boing Boing post through which I discovered this video describes the movie as "Hindustani." I would have called it Hindi. My own sense is that "Hindustani" is now a somewhat obsolescent term unless you really mean to refer to Hindi and Urdu together.