28 Apr 2020

My Apologies

Submitted by Karl Hagen
Apparently, the site was down for a while without my noticing, for which I apologize. My hosting company recently upgraded the Perl version on its servers, which made some of the code in version of Drupal I use obsolete. As a result, the whole site crashed in the most ugly way possible. On top of that, I've been extremely busy recently and hadn't been checked on things in some time (much longer than I should). I normally rely on notifications to let me know when things need attention, but of course since the whole site was down, that wasn't happening either.
26 Aug 2018

Another SAT, Another Debacle

Submitted by Karl Hagen
As students came out of the SAT on the East Coast yesterday, many hit the online forums devoted to discussing the test to discuss questions. And even before the West-Coast students had left their exam rooms, it became evident that the form most of them were given was actually one that had been leaked online months earlier. Multiple students reported that they had practiced on this very test. How serious is this situation? Very.
30 May 2018
In my last post, I argued that the SAT essay might be inappropriately difficult for its intended purposes and that floor effects make it essentially worthless for distinguishing among lower-ability students. In this post, I'm going to argue that the SAT essay score appears similarly unhelpful for distinguishing among high-ability students.


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