Complex Sentences

Too low they build, who build beneath the stars.” Young

Diagram 21

A complex sentence—both simple and intransitive.

They—Subject of “build.”
Build—Predicate of “they.”
Adjuncts. Low—Adjunct of “build.”
Too—Adjunct of “low.”
Who build beneath the stars—Adjunct of “they.”
{ Who—Subject of “build.”
Build—Predicate of “who.”
Adjuncts. { Beneath stars—Adjunct of “build.”
The—Adjunct of “stars.”

Diagram 22

But they that fight for freedom, undertake
The noblest cause mankind can have at stake.

A complex sentence.

They—Subject of “undertake.”
Undertake—Predicate of “they.”
Cause—Object of “undertake.”
Adjuncts. That fight for freedom—Adjunct of they.”
The } Adjuncts of "cause"
[that] mankind can have at stake


But, introduces an additional sentence, Conj.
They, agent of action expressed by “undertake,” Pron.
That, agent of action expressed by “fight,” Pron.
Fight expresses the action performed by “that,” Verb.
For, expresses a relation of “fight “ and “freedom,” Prep.
Freedom, object of relation expressed by “for,” Noun.
Undertake, expresses the action of “they,” Verb.
The, limits “cause,” Adj.
Noblest, qualifies “cause,” Adj.
Cause, object of the action expressed by “undertake,” Noun.
X, [that], object of “can have”—referring to “cause,” Pron.
Mankind, agent of action expressed by “can have,” Noun.
Can have, expresses an action of “mankind,” Verb.
At, expresses a relation of “can have” and “stake,” Prep.
Stake, object of relation expressed by “at,” Noun.

fistLet each pupil make a sentence for the above diagram.

And students who love to study, merit the highest which teachers can give them.

Our proper bliss depends on what [that which] we blame.”

Diagram 23

A Complex sentence—the Auxiliary qualifies a phrase.

Bliss—Subject of “depends.”
Depends—Predicate of “bliss.”
Our } Adjuncts of “bliss.”

On what we blame—Adjunct of “depends.”

On—Expresses a relation of “depends” and “what.”
What{ [That]—Object of relation expressed by “on.”
[Which]—Object of action expressed by “blame.”

We—Subject of “blame.”

Blame—Predicate of “we.”

fistLet sentences be made for the above diagrams.

God never meant, that man should scale the heavens
By strides of human wisdom

Diagram 24

A complex sentence the Auxiliary the logical object of the Principal.

fistLet the Analysis of this sentence be written on the black-board.